Another Delighted Client: The Story of 87987 Mesquite Canyon Drive

Angie Farish Realtor - 713-907-4877- The story of 87987 Mesquite Canyon Drive

This story exemplifies the reason why I am so passionate about real estate: having the privilege of working with clients and helping make their dreams become reality, no matter how difficult a situation may appear to be.

When I first met the owners of 87987 Mesquite Canyon Drive in early May 2017, their home had already been listed with another realtor and had been under contract TWICE. Unfortunately, both contracts had fallen through.

On the first contract, the buyers requested full credit for a replacement roof. After an independent inspection, the sellers decided to replace the roof. Funny thing is that their realtor never advised the owners they could qualify for a new roof for as little as 1% or 2% of the value of their home through their insurance company. Thankfully, the owners learned from the roofing company they could replace the roof for a fraction of the total cost and took advantage of this option. Unfortunately though, the time required to replace the roof meant the deal could not go through.

The second time this home was under contract, the contract fell through because the home didn’t appraise to the purchase price. Realtors play a crucial role in the home appraisal process. Although appraisers do their best to ensure homes appraise, realtors can help avoid low appraisals by providing the right comps to the appraiser.

After these two attempts to sell their home didn’t materialize, the homeowners ended their relationship with their original realtor and decided to not sell their home, thus postponing their dream to move to Florida and be closer to their loved ones. So sad!

As one can imagine, the owners felt hopeless and defeated. I advised them of some of the strategies I use on cancelled and expired listings and to put their home back in the market following my plan. We quickly set the plan in motion to get the best possible results for my clients.

Angie Farish Realtor - 713-907-4877- The story of 87987 Mesquite Canyon Drive

The results were astonishing. The home sold for more than it was originally listed for with their original realtor, $251,000 vs. $248,900. Did I mention their home previously appraised for only $236,000 with an FHA loan???!!! Because of this, we put the home back on the market allowing conventional, VA, and others loans, but not FHA loans.

Incredibly, the home sold in 24 hours!!! It only took ONE showing to sell. Amazing results. Did the home appraise? Indeed! The homeowners couldn’t believe how smooth and easy the process was with me as their realtor.

That said, this story is not about my success. Instead, it’s all about serving my clients to achieve their goals and reach their dreams. This beautiful and humble couple closed on this home today and will soon be on their way to Florida to be with those who are most important to them—their family.

I am so grateful to be able to help my clients and for the opportunity to bring back hope and relief to them. Good luck on your future endeavors and I hope to continue helping as many families as I possibly can. I take the job of selling your home with responsibility and dedication. I don’t take this job for granted. I take it with humbleness and professionalism because, after all, my clients count on me.